Where to find plus size clothes

A great place to start your plus size clothing search is Yours Clothing. This online UK company specialises in plus-size clothing for women of all ages – and they are very successful. Last year they sold over 1.4 million items! You can search for products via items – jeans, knitwear, skirts dresses and many more – and you can also browse the most recent and fashionable clothes fresh of the designer’s drawing page! You can purchase your items directly online via a safe and secure website. Standard delivery times are between three to seven working days.

Another fantastic resource is Curvety. This UK based company kicked off in 1994 and hasn’t looked back! You can search for clothes via the categories of dresses, tops, bottoms, bridal, coats and jackets and more. There is also a 75%-off sale section too. You can also purchase gift vouchers as a present, at values of 10GBP, 20GBP, 50GBP pr 100GBP. You can also find Curvety on Facebook or on Twitter, and you can read or contribute to their online blog.

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