Where to find men's Nudie jeans

Men's Nudie jeans are now a certified fashion craze. It is amazing to think that Nudie Jeans did not exist as a company before 2003. Nudie jeans have built their product around Selvage jeans material, which is weaved on ancient-design weaving looms. Skinny type Nudie jeans of blue, black or grey colour are the hottest thing in town.

Limited Editions

A search for Nudie jeans will reveal that each design is made in very small numbers. Perhaps this is due to the uniqueness of their production process and obsessive quality control. It may mean you, the buyer, will have to get your desired design at a slightly higher price, but that is completely justified by the quality of the final product.


Getting yourself a pair of Nudies jeans is easy as they are now in stock in most leading fashion outlets. Simply go about your normal window-shopping, and keep an eye out for that pair of Nudie jeans for men that is just your hubby’s size. You can broaden your search by checking various online stores for the best bargains and the latest designs. A few of them are listed for you below:

  • Asos.com
  • Nudiejeans.com
  • Shopstyle.co.uk
  • Itsinyourjeans.co.uk


Nudie jeans can be quite costly, but this is due to the distinctiveness of their make up. A pair of original skinny jeans can set you back as much as £155. However, you can get straight jeans at a more modest £85. Any gripes you may have about the price will certainly be put to rest when you are noticed in your new men's Nudie jeans.

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