Where to find fancy dress hire in Glasgow

Whether you are a student looking for fancy dress for the latest student event, or you want something for a hen do, there are chances that you are looking for fancy dress hire in Glasgow. There are lots of options to go to with plenty of ideas.

Fairy Funny is a fancy dress hire shop in Glasgow city centre, which makes it easily accessible for students and professionals alike. There are many different types of costumes available, whether you need a 70s style costume or are looking for a medieval look. Prices range between £15 and £95 depending on the costume that you choose.

Fun World is another option when look for fancy dress hire in Glasgow. This is another shop in the city centre, which makes it easy to get to and find. There are many different styles of costumes, whether you want a full Zippy outfit or want to be a sexy pirate. There are over 5000 different costumes and accessories to add on and the prices start from as little as £15.

A third option is the Party Shop in Glasgow. This fancy dress hire store is full of different styles, including 80s gear, superhero costumes or horror styles. The benefit of this fancy dress hire in Glasgow is that some of the costumes are also available for purchase instead of just hiring. Unfortunately, there are no prices on the website and a full range of their costumes are available in the store. The good thing about going in is that you can try the costumes on to make sure that they fit properly.

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