Where to find boy's snow boots size 5

All kids of any age and even many adults just cannot wait to get out there and play in the snow. Boys are especially tough on any shoes and boots, so it is important to make sure they get the best fit, growing room and adequate support for playing. Discover KidsShoes2u and Giant Strides for tough boys snow boots size 5.


The KidsShoes2u.com website offers the Agatha Ruiz De La Prada for £45.00. This cute snow boot is designed around the "Magic Rabbit and Stars" theme that kids just love. The boots are constructed with soft suede uppers and they come in navy blue. Inside you will fine a warm lining to keep his feet warm, comfortable and dry. A soft rubber sole helps prevent slipping and sliding on ice and snow. Best of all big boys can easily dress themselves with a zipped inner side.

Giant Strides

Check out Giant Strides, which is one of the newer online companies providing children's footwear online. Transactions are handled via PayPal and all footwear orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Giant Strides offers two styles Olang Cucciolo snow boots at fairly reasonable prices. You can choose from the boys snow boots in navy blue or the kids snow boots, which come in beige.

Both boot styles are available in the UK sizes 4 through 11. Features include gum soles, easy closure with Velcro straps, fleece liners and cuffs in addition to faux leather uppers. Both styles retail for £29.99.

Check out these great deals for boys snow boots size 5 and get ready for a great winter of fun in the snow.

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