Where to find affordable Roxy ski jackets online

Outdoor fanatics the world over hit the Net year round for their Roxy ski jackets, and customers in the UK are not left behind. The Roxy site has a European section, but if you're looking for big discounts you should shop locally. There are two sites that offer massive discounts on Roxy ski jackets, so let's see where to go and what's on offer?

The first site that offers really reasonable prices on Roxy ski wear is Surfdome.com. The Roxy Serenity snowboard jacket sells here for only £94.99, and you would usually expect to pay almost £190.00 for this item, so that's a huge discount. The deep purple colour of this ski jacket gives it a really glamorous look, but if you really want to stand out from the crowds the Roxy Jet metallic jacket may be a better choice. This jacket sells now for £115.99, and that's a discount of just over £30.00 on the recommended retail price. The metallic pattern on this jacket and the vibrant colours (silver, gold, bronze, red and pink) will make heads turn!

Amazon.co.uk is another site where you're able to grab real bargains and a Roxy Jet Ski Metallic snow jacket sells here for £171.79. This jacket has a detachable hood, underarm vents, and an mp3 pocket. The jacket also features lycra cuffs, and an attachment pants and jacket attachment system. The fur trim on the hood can also be removed.

Visiting these sites can give you access to some really affordable Roxy ski jackets, so don't delay! Get these items while they're still in stock.

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