Where to find 1970s fancy dress costumes

A 1970s fancy dress theme is extremely popular because it is so easy. Most of the time, you will be able to put a costume together for very little money; surely there is something in the attic from your or your parents’ pasts.

If not, then there are plenty of costume shops and stores that offer 1970 s fancy dress. It is worth checking online, since this will help to search as many places as possible in a shorter space of time; it also makes it easier to compare prices.

Ebay.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk often have the best rates going but the listings do change on a regular basis. You will also need to look into the reviews and feedback left for the sellers to ensure you can trust them. These sites are often the best option when it comes to accessories instead of full costumes.

Party Pants is a popular option when it comes to 1960 or 1970 s fancy dress. There are many different styles of costumes, whether you are looking for a hippie look or want to go as a star from the time. Most of the prices range between £30 and £50 depending on the type of costume you choose.

Party Britain is another option, which has a wide variety of costumes, including 1970 s fancy dress themes. There are classic superhero costumes available or you can opt for the movies like Grease and Austin Powers. The costumes range from £20 to £50, depending on the type that you opt for.

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