Where to buy women's snow boots

Snow boots do a great job of keeping your feet warm and dry in snowy conditions, and they also have a lot of grip so you don't need to worry too much about slipping over. This makes them a great investment not just for snow sports enthusiasts but also for anyone expecting a particularly cold winter.

Trekwear.co.uk sell a good selection of women's snow boots of varying styles, brands and sizes. Prices start at around £25 and they regularly have sales and offers.

Of course, with shoes and boots it's always best if you can try them on first, and for that reason Snow and Rock is a great place to buy from. They have stores all around the country and offer a large selection of snow and ski wear including snow boots. Their staff are usually very knowledgeable and friendly so they'll make sure you come out with snow boots that fit you and suit your needs. Just about everything Snow and Rock sell is high quality, and although snow boots are primarily designed to be functional rather than stylish, a lot of them still look quite attractive, with fur linings and high quality materials. Their prices start at around £50 and they have a large selection. To find your nearest store or order online, go to snowandrock.com.

For a more eye catching pair of snow boots, check out justyourshoes.co.uk. They don't have a huge selection and their prices are substantially higher at around £150 a pair, but they're also very stylish and built to last.

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