Where to buy winter women's boots

Every girl should have a pair of winter women's boots in their wardrobe ready for the colder weather. Boots look great with skirts, jeans, dresses and smart trousers, so their perfect for almost any occasion.

You can buy them in all manner of colours, so if you're quite traditional and like your clothes to be more conservative you could opt for a black pair, or if you're more daring you could buy a pair of red boots or even a patterned animal print pair. You can really let your personality shine through with your choice.

These boots are also available in different materials, such as leather, patent leather, suede and synthetics. Leather will keep your feet warm and look good with wear. Whereas suede is a luxurious material but can become damaged if it's exposed to water and harsh conditions, so may not be the best winter boot.

You can find a fantastic selection of these boots on the high street, but who want to go out in the cold when you haven't bought your boots yet. Below is a list of the best winter women boots sites;

  • clarks.co.uk
  • schuh.co.uk
  • mr-shoes.co.uk
  • soletrader.co.uk
  • boohoo.co.uk
  • braemarmountainsports.com

You could also look on eBay for your pair of winter women boots. People are always selling footwear they o longer enjoy wearing and you could end up saving a lot of money compared to the high street priced items. If you want to make a massive saving, look online in the summer months. This may seem like a crazy idea, as you won't be wearing them for another six months, but boots bought in the summer are always cheaper, because sellers know they are less likely to sell.

Happy shopping!

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