Where to buy the best snowflake boots

Snowflake boots are currently all the rage not just because of their fantastic designs, but also for their incredible functionality and durability. When shopping for this type of boots, the usual factors still apply. Consider first size, comfort and safety. The boots’ appearance or looks should always be your secondary or last priority. A beautiful pair of snow boots will not do you any good if you cannot walk in them.


The boots’ snowflake design is made by New Girls, and it boasts of an attractive black-and-pink design. It is made tougher by its Vin Tex nylon construction. It also comes with a super grip for the sole and a toe bumper as well. Best of all, you can have this pair of boots for just £28.5.


For another pair of snowflake boots to check out, visit Bo Boots’ official website. Available in black, white and grey, the website’s snowflake selection for boots boasts of classic styles such as a knit pattern that will surely remind you of your younger days of wearing knitted creations made by your parents. In terms of comfort, it comes with a sheepskin interior that is a perfect match for its lovely 100% wool knit exterior.

Treading snow has never been easier as well once you put these lovely boots on, which comes with a unique rubber-grip sole design and moulded heel stabiliser. Originally priced at $270, the pair is now available at just $160. Do keep in mind that this has a US dollar price tag, which means you may have to spend extra for delivery.

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