Where to buy ski jackets for kids

It is not always as easy to find ski jackets for kids, but there are more places to look than you may have realised.

If you are close to a shopping centre or live in a large town or city, then there will be many shops that you can visit that sell kids ski jackets (providing they are in season at the time).

Many of the large chain sports shops stock a selection of ski wear. Places such as All Sports, JJB Sports and JD Sports all have ski sections and have a range of kids clothing.

Other places that have more specialist clothing are shops such as Millets. This is an outdoor pursuits shop, and stocks a number of quality brands such as North Face and Peter Storm. Here you will find very practical and hard wearing clothing.

If you are looking for something a little more fashionable for your family to ski in, then you could try looking in a Quicksilver or Roxy shop. These have a good range of designer ski wear and are on the high street.

If you find it difficult to make it to a shopping centre or it is out of the ski season, then the best place to look might be online.

There are a number of specialist ski shops and they have the widest range of ski jackets for kids here. Altrec (altrec.com), Sun and Ski (sunandski.com), and Snow Lab (snowlab.o.uk) all have a big range of ski wear available.

There are even online shops dedicated just to children's ski clothing. Places such as Winter Kids (winterkids.com) and Kidsportvail (kidsportvail.com) have a really good variety of ski wear and have cheap prices on ski jackets for kids.

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