Where to buy Salomon ski gloves

Salomon is a leading snow and ski company that offer a wide and diverse range of quality products.

If you are looking to get yourself a pair of new Salomon ski gloves then try these sites;



The Salomon official site (www.salomon.com) is the obvious choice for your first stop when shopping for Salomon ski gloves.

The site features all their latest and most up to date products so you can be sure you are buying the newest and trendiest gloves available.

If you search in their clothing section you can choose between Alpine skiing gloves and Nordic skiing gloves.

In both sections they offer gloves for men, women and children so you can get a pair for the whole family!

All gloves are made from GORE-TEX material which makes them flexible, breathable and comfortable.

There are gloves for all seasons as well so you can get some light and airy ones for a spring skiing session or some tougher and more protected ones for those winter months!

If you are looking for a pair of Salomon ski gloves to keep your hands nice and toasty on the slopes, then try the SPIRE CS M.

The SPIRE CS M offer a snug fit with warm Thermolite insulation and a waterproof membrane so your gloves won't get soaked through on the wet conditions.

Once you have found the right gloves for you then you can either purchase online if they are available or search for a store near you.


Sail And Ski

Sail And Ski (sailandski.co.uk) is another great place to buy a pair of Salomon ski gloves.

They are a trusted company that has been operating since 1968, so rest assured they only bring to you quality products they believe in.

In their Ski and Snowboard Gloves section they only have a a small selection to choose from but they are all offered at a great price!

Treat yourself to a pair of Salomon Women's Fantasy CP Gloves for only £31.99 reduced from £40.

And if you already know what you are looking for but just can't find it then give them a call on 01743 353776 as they will get hold of it for you for no extra cost.

And to top it all off they offer free UK delivery!

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