We find out where to buy Kate Spade handbags in the UK

Founded in 1993 by designer Kate Brosnahan who had decided that she'd had enough waiting around hoping that someone else would design the kind of bag she wanted to buy and instead set about creating it herself, the Kate Spade New York has since grown at an incredible rate, ushering in a revolution of design in an accessory market that was begging for something fresh.

The main aim of Kate Spade New York handbags is to offer customers striking designswith the simplest of silhouettes, using bold colours to accentuate the overall feel of the bags. With the aim very much on usability as much as aesthetics, women across the world quickly fell in love with the practical designs.

2007 saw the acquisition of the company by Liz Clariborne which resulted in a management change, seeing Deborah Lloyd who previously worked with Banana Republic and Burberry taking over as both creative director and co-president, ushering in a brand new age of success for the brand.

Unfortunately for those of you wondering where to buy Kate Spade handbags in the UK, there are still very few British based outlets offering the Kate Spade New York handbag range, although this is something that looks set to change in the coming months. Until then, you'll be able to sate your appetite for their gorgeous designs by shopping online at the company's official website, located at www.katespade.com.

The site offers a stunning range of bags at great prices, especially when you consider how strong Sterling is compared with the flagging US Dollar these days. Stunning bags like the Mott Street Riley, available in three colours for $425, will really make you stand out from the crowd this summer, with its soft smooth cowhide leather and 14 carat gold plated zips and buckles.

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