Where to buy high boots for wide calves

Knee high boots a warm and practical, and with so many different designs available for all tastes and styles, they are a must-have winter wardrobe staple that appears over and over again as a top cold season trend each year. But if your calves are particularly plump, robust or muscular, finding the right pair can become a bit tricky. That's why we've selected for you some of the best choice in high boots for wide calves available in hight street shops and online.

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At Simply Be, the specialist plus size inspired website for online fashion shopping, has a trendy collection of knee high boots for wide calves from a range of brands and styles. We particularly loved the very feminine Legroom Slouchy high leg boot (EEE Fit for Super Curvy Calf) in soft, lovely mock-suede. Perfect to dress up or down, this high boots feature a full inside zip and come in three calf widths, comfortable, practical and spot on trend. Available in black or light grey. £50 online.

If you are after something warmer and more casual, why not try this Sole Diva lace up back boot (again a generous EEE Fit) we found amongst the many offers on crazyclearance.co.uk. They look cosy and comfy, with thick rubbery soles perfect for the winter, and a very affordable price of £33.

If you are looking for more quality, Clarks has a special selection of woman's wide calf winter boots here: http://www.clarks.co.uk/c/womens-boots/wide-calf-boots. Our top choice in this range are the Nessa Clare: absolutely spotless design that perfectly integrate the elasticated black panel at the back, conceived to allow for a multitude of calf fittings , plus the inside fastening zip for easier foot entry. The Nessa Clare are the classic riding boots style footwear, in smooth black leather and enhanced by a very chic crossover strap with buckle trim. £110 in store and online.

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