Where to buy children's Ugg boots

have become a fashion staple in recent years, due to their warmth and comfort. These soft and cosy boots make them perfect for young children and also give them a fashionable edge too.

You can buy children's Ugg boots from the following sites below;

  • fabulouskids.co.uk
  • cloggs.co.uk
  • office.co.uk/ugg
  • uggaustralia.co.uk
  • bestuggsukonline.co.uk

Childrens Ugg boots retail between £60 and £150, depending on the size and type of shoe that you buy. Some of the sites offer discounted boots and the official Ugg Australia site occasionally has a sale on some of it's selected items, so check the sites frequently to ensure you get a good deal.

There are also a number of Ugg outlets in stores across the UK that sell children's Ugg boots. These include;

  • Schuh
  • Kurt Geiger
  • Office
  • Funky Monkey Feet
  • Freespirit
  • Ellis
  • USC
  • Klinkards
  • Bank Fashion
  • Treds
  • Rowberrys
  • Schoon

Prices are generally consistent with the prices across the Ugg Australia websites, so don't expect to find yourself a pair in the January sales.

Alternatively, if you're looking to save some money on your pair of Uggs you could instead go down the second hand route. Ugg boots are sold in second hand and vintage shops across the country like any other type of fashion, but you won't always find them on sale. You could instead go online to eBay.co.uk and search for Ugg boots. There are a number of eBay Ugg shops as well as regular retailers selling their Uggs online.

If you do buy them second hand make sure that an Uggs certificate will be included with your new shoes, as without this they aren't recognised as official Uggs.

Happy shopping!

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