Where to buy Betty Boop fancy dress costumes

Created by Max Fleischer, Betty Boop has long since been a very popular choice of animated character for those attending fancy dress events. Known all over the world, Betty Boop has featured in numerous magazines and advertisements, with a huge range of merchandise available.

Where to buy Betty Boop fancy dress costumes

If you have your heart set on imitating Betty Boop at a fancy dress party, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice both on the internet and in local fancy dress outfitters. This much loved animated character can be copied with quality Betty Boop dresses and matching accessories to help you look the part. Here are some practical examples of where to find a great selection of Betty Boop fancy dress costumes to choose from online: Party Delights UK, Red hot Fancy Dress (for adults), Ab Fab UK and Fancy Dress Costumes UK.

How to find a cheap Betty Boop fancy dress outfit

The easiest way to save on a Betty Boop fancy dress outfit is to simple create your own from existing items in your wardrobe. In addition, charity shops, jumble sales and car boot sales are great places to find all you need to imitate the popular animation. A few useful suggestion on where to get a Betty Boop costume for a fraction of the usual price online, include as follows: Best Price Fancy Dress.com, Amazon. eBay, Cheapest Fancy Dress UK and Wonderland Party.com.

Dressing up like Betty Boop is very simple, making it well worth considering deigning your very own outfit. Watch out for accessories and dresses in your local newspaper and online.

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