Where to buy and hire wartime fancy dress

Whether you are looking for 1940s dress or current wartime fancy dress costumes, there are chances that you have nothing in your wardrobe. There are some simple ways of putting pieces together, but you will usually benefit from searching for a costume shop to hire or buy something.

There are a variety of options around but you will be best searching online. Online shops will often sell their items for much cheaper and you will also gain by searching thousands of places much quicker than you would on the high street.

Complete-costumes.co.uk offers a wide range of 1940s wartime fancy dress, whether you are looking for navy costumes or female pilot outfits. The downside to this store is that you can only hire the costume and you must return it within 7 days. There is a deposit of £40 for the costumes and you will also need to pay around £27 for each one.

If you want to buy your outfit, then Partytimedirect.co.uk is worth checking out. There are a variety of wartime fancy dress outfits, whether you want traditional solider costumes, a wartime housewife look or something from the TV show ‘Allo ‘Allo. There are also costumes for children available. The prices range between £10 and £110 depending on how authentic you want to look.

Prices a little steep? If you have a tight budget then you should consider Amazon.co.uk. There are a variety of wartime fancy dress costumes available from as little as £10. The listings change on a regular basis, so you will need to keep an eye out.

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