Where to buy a Rossignol jacket

Visit Rossignol (rossignol.com) that showcases an exciting Rossignol jacket suitable for every man, woman, and child. Locate a physical shop nearest to where you are through its store finder. With 107 styles and colours to choose from, take your pick from the stylish and chic collections of jackets for sale.

Have a look at White Stone (white-stone.co.uk) and check out  Rossignol Fizzle PR for £50 available in various sizes from XXS to XXL in brown or red. Designed for women, this jacket has a fixed hood, adjustable cuffs and pockets to hold 'must have' accessories. For a complete ski outfit, get the Rossignol Leader Str Ski Pant in Signal for £234.88 with an adjustable waist band suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Filarinskis (filarinskis.com) also has a line of clothing by Rossignol that are on clearance right now. Buy a white Rossignol Lone Ladies Jacket for £50. The original price tag is £99.99. Made from nylon, this lightweight jacket has a hood and pocket. Or, get a Rossignol Trestle Jacket in khaki for the same sale price.

Sierra Trading Post (sierra.co.uk) is selling a Rossignol Warm Toura Jacket in red or brown  for only £31.64. Tailored to keep you warm without making you look bulky, this stylish jacket has a slim fit. Grab the Rossignol Cortina Jacket for £75.99. Add shipping costs of £9.47 and you still save a hefty £161.71 or 60% off regular retail prices on your two  purchases.

For other reasonable deals, check out the Amazon Marketplace (amazon.co.uk) for ski jackets by Rossignol. For £290, get a smart Womens Mercury Ski and Snowboard jacket size 12 that will be literally your closest companion during those skiing and snowboarding trips. Thinking of getting your hubby a Christmas present? Purchase the Men's Minute Jacket by Rossignol for £179.99.

Don't miss out on sale offers at Ebay (ebay.co.uk) for jackets from the Rossignol brand.  Check out the CITIA Ski Boarding Jacket for £169.99 for women or the Tribe S Ski Boarding Jacket for men costing £129.99.

From snowboarding and skiing to mountaineering and alpine climbing, purchasing a Rossignol jacket means quality with a brand that has over 100 years of experience making top notch skis and accessories.

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