Where is Gok Wan when one needs him?

We've all been there - you sashay out into the night, gussied up in your best floor-length frock and clutch bag, feeling, if not a million bucks, then at least £100,000. Scroll on six hours, and your dress is stained with cheap cocktails, and the clutch has fallen to pieces. Except, that these fashion mishaps just don't happen to a monarch of the realm, and certainly not at the King of Greece's birthday.

Our Queen had to stoically style out a double disaster, when a guest spilled food down the royal robes, and the chain on her silver bag snapped. A royal fan commented, 'If it was a waiter, I wouldn't like to be the person who did it. It's a sight you never see. The mark wasn't there when she arrived, it just suddenly appeared and was obvious when she left...She was so composed. I think she's jolly brave to have walked out without getting someone to stand in front of her to cover it up.'

We suddenly love the Queen with a heartfelt passion - perhaps well timed fashion disasters are the PR way forward for the royals?

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