Where Can I Buy Birkenstock Style Sandal with Diamante Buckle?

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Say the word Birkenstock and everyone knows what it is. You know something is famous when the brand refers to a specific product - think Coke! Birkenstock is big! They exude cool and that bohemian lifestyle but how can we keep the comfort and the name and get a bit more frosting on our feet? In other words: where can I buy Birkenstock Style sandal with diamanté buckle?

Go straight to the official UK Birkenstock website. You can browse through the women's section all day and not find them as the diamanté buckle is so discreet and the fact that it is only on one model of shoe. So what you do is enter the word 'diamanté' into the website's search bar. You'll be brought to a page with three shoes. It's the flat shoe on the left that you're looking for.

The model is called Papillio. It has your cork sole with leather upper and the leather is also embossed with patterns. It comes in a baby pink and is embossed with Hawaiian style flowers. The diamanté buckle is very discreet but really dresses up the otherwise casual comfort shoe. The buckle itself is made from the reliable leather and the diamanté jems lie on top.

This pink Papillio model is for sale at £42 having been reduced from £51. So in future when you ask yourself where can I buy birkenstock style sandal with diamanté buckle remember one thing. Search for the model name: Papillio and you will be guided directly to your dazzling diamanté delights!

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