When are snow boots classified as designer snow boots?

To be tagged as designer, snow boots must meet all the qualities needed to protect you during the snowy winter season. Here are some attributes that makes a snow boot to be labelled as a designer boot:


They cannot be called designer snow boots if they do not give you ultimate comfort during winter. The boots must be comfortable from the inside and have nice ice grip on the soles on the outside. This ensures you are protected from skidding incidences.

Are the Designer snow boots warm?

Warmth is a key concern when it comes to snow boots. Snow boots that cannot help you maintain your warmth cannot be labelled as designer snow boots. You must not suffer from frostbite when you are in designer boots.

Must appeal to the eyes

If your eyes really get glued to pair of boots, then they must be really looking good. Designer goes with eye catching items. Designer snow boots are those you will admire when someone else is in them. Winter gears do not have to look ugly or clumsy. Sleek and classy is the way for designer snow boots.

Genuine fabrics

For designer snow boots, they must be made with the best fabrics in the market. Snow boots need to be insulated, breathable, waterproof- all in one package. Strong and genuine fabrics like Gore-Tex gives a snow boot all the attributes above.

More so, designer should be unique and imitated designs cannot be labelled as designer. Unique models and specifications are what make up the perfect designer boots.

Many brand names have invested in giving you designer boots. Such include Trespass, Burtons, Helly Hansen and many more. For designer, you have to be prepared to part with quite a fortune as the prices range from €100 to as much as €400! But, ultimately, you get the best pair of snow boots.

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