What's the secret to Mulberry's success?

Mulberry won the British Fashion Award for Best Designer Brand on Tuesday night at a glitzy award ceremony in central London. But that’s not the only thing the iconic British brand has to celebrate this week, as it announced today that profits had soared by 38 per cent this year.

According to the Daily Mail wholesale orders for Mulberry’s current collection are up 100 per cent and orders for next year’s spring 2011 collection are up 91 per cent compared to last year.

What’s the secret to Mulberry’s success? We reckon it could be the association of one Miss A Chung, fashionista extraordinaire and namesake for Mulberry’s huge-selling Alexa Bag. When it launched the bag sold out almost immediately – Mulberry had to extend its Somerset manufacturing branch and create 60 new jobs. No wonder Alexa Chung was awarded the BFA Style Icon gong at the awards on Tuesday – she certainly seems to have the magic touch!

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