'What's the rush?'

While the majority of the fashion world gossips and speculates about which designer will be picked to take over the helm at Dior - following in the infamous footsteps of Galliano - over at Dior HQ, they're happy to bide their time. The head of the famous French fashion house has given an interview where he states that there is no rush to appoint a successor.

The Chief Executive of Dior told Vogue, 'You know when you ask young girls all the time when they are going to get married, they reply: When I find the right man. All options are open for the future.'

Meanwhile, journaliast Vanessa Friedman reported that Alaia was offered the Dior job but turned it down, 'Mr Alaia wasn't interested. Flattered, but not about to pursue. The story of what happened with John was a sad story, he said when I asked him, and he didn't want to be part of the next chapter. And that's even before you got to the other stuff.'

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