What's knot to like?

Is your current attitude to summer fashion, 'Well I've got the clothes sorted, but what of my hair?' Well do not fear - we have the answer. It's all about the bun, or the 'knot' as the more fashion literate call it. Elle tells us that the recent London, Milan and NY fashion weeks all featured knots in many guises - high, low, big, small and so on...

'At Versus hair stylist Syd Hayes looped hair into flattened half-buns with wispy ends, while at Dolce & Gabbana they were a more decadently dishevelled affair - slouchy, loose and embellished with gold slides. In contrast, structure and shine were key to the buns showcased at Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs.'

'Hair stylist Guido Palau took inspiration from dancers’ top knots to create perfectly centred buns that were pulled taut and slicked with shine. And at Lanvin and Luella the mood was less severe and more whimsical - knots were fat with frothy, airy texture and sat upright at the crown.'

So, in conclusion, our advice to you is - get knotted!

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