What to wear on Christmas day

For a family Christmas day we want to look festive but feel comfortable and practical. Let's take a look at some ideas in our fashion guide on what to wear on Christmas.

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Go for a Christmas day at home laid back, casual look. Choose an outfit that is comfortable and warm, but avoid anything dull or sloppy – so make sure there's some style in there, even if it's just basic wardrobe staples. Mix things up a bit, perhaps wearing a long skirt instead of tracksuits, or a trendy knitted jumper with added glitters or fun design. In fact, let's live it up to the jumper galore that's been kicking off for quite a few festive seasons already, and seems unstoppable.

All the highstreet shops are doing it: fab, fun and glam special edition Christmas jumpers, designed to put you bang you in the festive mood. They may be woolly, knitted jumpers, but they are not dull and definitely not boring. Look at some of the options with rein, stars, Santa and so on:

  • Rein http://direct.asda.com/george/womens-knitwear/sequin-stag-jumper/GEM291203,default,pd.html

Snowflakes http://www.missguided.co.uk/iesha-sequin-snowflake-christmas-jumper

Match your jumper of choice with a long or midy cosy skirt that is also feminine and smart like this http://bit.ly/1rmweUI

Want more inspiring ideas? Take a look at this Asos Christmas jumper and girly skating skirt combo: http://bit.ly/1riZYQY

And if you can't find a Christmas themed jumper that you fancy, then switch to plan B: get your jumper all sparkling, dazzling sequin instead. Actually, make that an oversize sequin jumper, match it with easy peasy legging and there you go, like in this fantasticglam chic outfit at Peekaboo Vintage: http://bit.ly/1mrbDhR

For added luxury, wrap up in warm, soft cashmere and charm your guests with the effortlessly lady chic effect. Marks & Spencer offers a fab range of cashmere shawls, wraps and trendy poncho wraps

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