What to wear for a boat party

If you are like most people, you probably don’t have a wardrobe full of designer clothes, matching shoes and leather belts. You are likely worried about what to wear for a boat party you have coming up. Not to worry, though. Cruising is a glamorous event, but it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to fill your suitcase with designer clothes that svelte magazine models wear on boat rides.

Your boat party wear will fall into one of three categories: Casual, informal or formal. Despite your clothing wear anxiety, you probably have everything you need for all three categories. Read your boat’s daily newsletter to determine the dress code category to wear, which will be prominently announced therein.

Casual Wear

Casual wear is clothing that you are comfortable in. What you are comfortable in will often be dictated by your plans for the day, which in turn will dictate the casual wear pick you choose. In warm weather, you will typically need a cover-up, swimwear and beach and pool sandals. Shorts with tee or polo-style shirts and comfortable walking shoes will also come in handy for the times you will spend ashore making shopping or touring calls.

Conservative is the rule of thumb with casual wear. Mix & Match dressing system should be your guiding code if you want to save room on your suitcase on longer cruises. Purchase a few tops of two colours and a few accessories for your boat wardrobe. Mix up the tops and bottoms to achieve a different look each time.


Informal wear is a little tricky because it can mean different things for each cruise line. However, informal wear only applies to evenings. In this case, informal women’s wear often means you’ll want to wear pants outfits or a dressier dress. Informal men’s wear always means you will need to include a sport coat and sometimes a tie. Check with your cruise documents for indications of the informal code you need to wear.


Men often complain that formal wear nights are a fantasy time for women, but a torture for them. Ladies, the men are probably right. Formal wear nights are your opportunity to shine and awe. Wear anything from a simple cocktail dress to an elaborate glittering gown and that gorgeous “mother-of-the-bride” outfit you wore for the wedding in a formal boat party.

Gentlemen, formal wear nights offer a great opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of women when they are looking their absolute best! Wear tuxedos, either all black or with a white dinner jacket. Don’t forget to pack a dark suite for those very elegant formal boat parties.

Whatever clothing you wear, the idea is for you to enjoy yourself thoroughly in a calming and exciting environment. Be sure to loosen up on the boat ride and enjoy every bit of the party. After all, it is probably not every day you’ll get the opportunity to party on a boat!

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