What to Wear at a Wedding When You're Pregnant

It can be quite a challenge to decide what to wear at a wedding when you're pregnant, but hopefully this quick guide to can help you decide how to pick out the most flattering and fabulous outfit. If you choose the wrong outfit, you're likely to feel uncomfortable on a day you would prefer to look your best, so it's important to think about trying different styles rather than just opting straight for the maternity range.

Avoid Zips, Buttons and Tight Fits

When you're looking at what to wear at a wedding when you're pregnant, steer clear of clothes that require zips or buttons to secure your clothes. Clothes that are also quite tight fitting and require you to breathe in before you can fit in should also be avoided.

Maternity clothes in general are designed to be moveable and work with a changing body shape. Over the course of the day, you'll be eating, possibly dancing and moving around while getting hotter throughout the day; you'll want to feel comfortable and clothing which allows room for inevitable expansion is a must.

Comfortable Fabrics

Opt for maternity clothes which utilise high quality modal mixes and jerseys and stay away from cheaper materials. Expensive fabrics usually hang better, don't crease easily and don't show sweat patches through - if you're pregnant and warmer than usual, this could be a real issue. Soft fabric will also make you feel more comfortable throughout the day and won't distract you from enjoying yourself.

Plain and Not Prints

Avoid maternity wear with prints or added, fussy detail. Instead, opt for clothes which are elegant and plain. If you feel you still want to make a statement, use accessories and instead go for a versatile, nicely fitting dress. Look for a style which utilises your bump and don't be afraid to show it off - something sleek will work better than trying to hide your pregnancy with rows of fabric.

Extra Bits

While you're trying to decide what to wear at a wedding when you're pregnant, consider buying yourself some additional items, such as maternity lingerie to help you feel more comfortable and special on the day. If you're going to splash on maternity wear, you may as well look to invest in some other treats as well.

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