What do supermodels eat?

Modelling is a brutal business. In order to stay in the game, you definitely have to watch out what you eat in order to keep your thin figure. Although there are plus sizes models, it does not change the fact that supermodels have to pay attention what they eat and put in their bodies.

What's in a diet?

Let us face it. Supermodels are humans, too and need sustenance in order to survive and thrive. Although many need to pay attention to what they are eating, there are also those who can eat anything and not gain weight. Here are some types of foods that supermodels eat:

  • granola bars - healthy and tasty, these bars are great to keep in their purses when the catered food during photo shoots is unappealing.
  • juices - juices are important sources of vitamins. They provide natural sugar that gives energy and at the same time, give a significant amount of liquids.
  • water - it is very important to keep hydrated so most models drink lots of fluids and water.
  • protein - another type of food that is vital in the human body. Models get this from quinoa, lentils, chicken and beef.
  • iron and other vitamins - under this food group, supermodels eat kale, spinach and even make green juices to get power packed meals and drinks.
  • salads - whether accompanied by chicken or eaten as is, salads are great at filling tummies without weighing them down and more importantly, without fat content.
  • sausages and bacon - to kickstart the day, supermodels will also tuck in a full English breakfast.
  • fruits- from avocados and strawberries to bananas and berries, fresh fruits form part of a supermodel's diet for their rich vitamins.
  • The key to a good diet

    Controlling portions of food is a good strategy in order not to overeat. Denying one's self of treats is also not the norm amongst models. They try to eat a balanced diet and treat themselves to their weaknesses whether it is a piece of chcocolate or a cookie.

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