What are ice boots?

Ice boots are not actually any special kind of boots. Rather, they are contraptions or, more specifically, specially designed grips that you place over your snow boots – or any other type of footwear for that matter – to make sure that you have a better grip on frozen or iced grounds. If walking on snow can be dangerous, there is double the danger to worry about when walking on ice.


Yaktrax Pro is currently the highest-end model from the company. It has the strongest coils as well as a retaining strap that goes across the top portion of your boots for enhanced security. These are performance-level grips that will ensure you enjoy maximum speed even when moving on ice or snow. This model is available at just £21.95.


If you want a website that offers you more choices or brands to choose from, check out Ice Grips, which features grips not just for men and women, but children as well. One of its featured designs is the JH-201, which had its design patented all the way from Germany. It boasts of improved traction – thanks to its strengthened grip and carbon steel tips.

With a thermoplastic rubber construction, this pair of grips will also save you from feeling cold up to negative 40. It is also guaranteed to remain crack-resistant and flexible at all times.

This pair of grips for ice boots is also made more effective by its six-spike design, with every spike designed to be replaceable for longer overall use and greater security.

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