We've seen the future of shopping...

We dislike trying on clothes in a smelly changing room as much as the next sane shopper, so were intrigued to hear about the latest bright idea in retail - a 'Magic Mirror' which takes your picture, assessing your size and shape. The computers then automatically matches clothes to the image, which are viewed as 2-D on a big screen.

However, we have a couple of issues with this; firstly, how do we swish around in a new dress if it's stuck in 2-D on a computer? And secondly, the idea seems a little reminiscent of those cut out clothes for dolls we were forced to play with as children...

The boss of Magic Mirrors told the Daily Mail, 'It is fun but it is certainly more than a novelty gimmick. It is an interactive tool that has some real business benefits in terms of reducing waiting time for consumers who may be on their lunch break and need to get back to work. It has a particular appeal for men, who simply do not like the hassle of changing rooms and prefer to be in and out with the minimum of fuss. It has really captured the imagination of a number of retailers who are talking to us about installing this new generation of shopping experience.'

For the use of the phrase 'new generation of shopping experience' alone, we give the project a big 2-D thumbs down.

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