Westwood still rocking

No not Tim the gang-sta. Vivienne. Making it clear why she’s the undisputed First Lady of Brit Fashion, Westwood’s first London show in 9 years kicked off with a bang. Nobody mixes fashions and politics with quite the sleight of hand of Viv.

More like sledgehammer! Male models loping about in orange Guantanemo style pants emblazoned with the words ‘Fair Trial My Arse’. Lady models slinking along the runway with orange placards saying ‘reprieve’. Corking form Viv. Take no prisoners (scuse the pun..) - that is why WE LOVE YOU.

Subliminal political messages aside, the Queen of Punk served up a sumptuous feast of wacky fashion brilliance. Bright blue trouser suits, knee high boots worn with mini skirts, mini dresses, and shorts so short they almost weren’t there. (Thats 'cheek peekers' to those in the biz.)

“The look is rock n roll and although inspired by the 1970's is definitely about now” explained Viv. “It’s about the modern girl going out and painting the town red”. (Well you certainly wouldn’t put on a Westwood creation for a quiet night in front of Corrie!)

So attention grabbing fashion for profoundly cool, of the moment folk. Just how we like it. Out of the fashion wilderness, and back in the centre of the universe - London town has returned.

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