We'll take one or tutu

Ballet and fashion have always had close links; both favour strong lines, elegance, restraint and, of course, dramatically skinny girls. And now some of the top fashion designers in the business have designed their take on the tutu.

Moschino's creative director told Vogue,'I think that the tutu is one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing invented and I was honoured by the request from an institution as prestigious as the English National Ballet. It came naturally because the pearl-and-queen button embroidery are typically English and I have always found them beautiful.'

While Julien Macdonald chose a more whimsical English design, saying, 'The inspiration came from imagining a gorgeous English garden in the moonlight, cast with a mysterious black shadow. I used pleated chiffon, organza and tulle and hand-embroidered the bodice with thistle and bracken foliage motifs to create an ethereal tutu. I already have experience with working with a dance company - I designed the costumes for Richard Alston Company's Shimmer in 2004, and was nominated for an Olivier Award for it, but designing a ballet tutu has always been a dream of mine.'

The tutus will be displayed on June 29 at The Orangery, Kensington Palace.

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