Why Wedges Shoes for Women Drive Us Crazy

Women all over the UK are going nuts for wedges shoes for women today. And, it is really no surprise the wedge craze has jumped from that 70’s to today. Celebrities, models and best mates have all realized that if they want versatility and comfort in a shoe, the wedge is where it’s at. To top it all off, the wedge trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a long time, and here’s why.

Wedge Style

One reason for the wedges shoes for women craze is all the different styles available. It does not matter the occasion or setting, there is a wedge design to match. Walk into any shoe store today and you will see beach, retro, platform, casual, boots, ankle boots, and glamorous wedge styles all around you.

Wedge Quality

Wedges for women of the past were mainly available in canvas material. However, updated wedges come in materials like soft leather, suede, velvet, and patent leather. And, although you can still find the cork wedge heels for your summer casual outfits, many wedge heels match the quality of the leather or velvet the shoe is made from.

Wedge Versatility

Very few designer shoes are as versatile as wedges for women. Because of the quality materials and the different styles, wedges can be worn with almost anything in your closet now. You can find styles to match your wrap dresses, capris, shorts, jeans, and even some evening gowns.

Wedge Comfort

Many women love the look of high heels. They elongate and make the leg look slimmer. Certain styles also make the ankle appear slimmer. But the discomfort that comes with high heels, especially stiletto heels, keeps many women from enjoying them.

Comfort is a main reason so many are crazy about the wedges shoes for women. You get the look and style of a high heel, but the comfort of a wedge. The comfort is so pleasing; you do not even feel like you are wearing a heel.

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