Wedding outfits for larger ladies or occasional wear, the choice is yours!

Wedding outfits for larger ladies are not hard to find. The average size of a woman in Ireland and Britain is a 14- 16 so designers and retail chains base a lot of their ranges on that size as a starting point and some high street shops have specific lines for plus sizes.

New Look have the award winning Inspire range which includes everything from jeans and tops to evening wear and jackets. The Inspire collection definitely won't break the bank either! There are some shops, such as Evans, that cater exclusively for the larger lady and specialise solely in quality clothing at an affordable price.

Evans is a one stop shop for all your clothing needs as they even have lingerie and shoe lines to complement the clothes! As you're specifically shopping for a special event, ordering from a catalogue is another option.

Littlewoods offer an extremely good selection of occasional wear and you can try it on in the comfort of your own home. As items bought from a catalogue can take a while to arrive, plus the return time if you decide against it, always order well in advance of the wedding date! The days of wearing a hat and dress are long gone and occasional wear comes in all styles and colours.

Maxi dresses with a bolero are always a good option for a summer wedding and they can be easily accessorised and worn again after the event. When selecting your outfit, pick wisely and you may get more wear out of it then you thought!

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