The Best in Wedding Maternity Wear from Tiffany Rose

Weddings are the perfect place to show off your fashion sense, even when you are pregnant. Tiffany Rose wedding maternity wear is the perfect choice whether you are just a guest or the bride herself. Their maternity bridal collection is described as “one of the best” by Marie Claire magazine and just a quick glance at their selection shows why. They offer everything from white to emerald green to heather purple for the mum-to-be to feel gorgeous in.

Wedding Maternity Wear for the Bride

It may have been taboo many decades ago for a pregnant bride to have a baby bump, but that was before. Tiffany Rose offers a variety of stunning wedding maternity dresses that it would be hard to choose a favourite.

The Annabel Gown is perfect for pregnant brides. This wedding maternity wear is a Grecian dress that transforms a mum-to-be into a pregnant Greek Goddess.

Another stunning choice is the Asymmetrical Wedding Gown. It is elegant, sleek and glamorous that will have any pregnant bride floating down the aisle.

For the bride who prefers something shorter yet just as stylish, the Alya Silk Wedding Dress is a perfect choice. This flattering wedding maternity wear is made from pure silk chiffon that floats around the belly and the legs. The versatile multi-way tie allows you to transform the style from halter neck to cap sleeves in seconds.

Wedding Maternity Wear for Guests

You may not be the bride of the wedding, but if you choose a Tiffany Rose dress, you may still steal the show anyway. The Anastasia Gown in Heather, a deep mauve, will have any expectant mum-to-be look glamorous at any wedding or special occasion.

For a bit of fun, wedding maternity wear for pregnant guests can slip into a Paisley Gown. A luxurious, floaty, strapless gown made from pure silk has a red carpet look to it. The delicate hues of green, gold, green and blue are accented with a matching oyster satin sash to complete the look.


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