Wedding dresses for guests

Unsure on what to wear for the wedding you are invited to? Our short guide to wedding dresses for guests will help you decide for the best options.


Is the wedding going to be a glorious British countryside style event? If so, it will be the perfect occasion to show off your own take on the traditional, vintage-inspired British style. Of course, this style will also be revisited in a contemporary key. The basic element of the wedding dresses for guests at a vintage- country inspired wedding is the pretty prom style, with its gorgeous broderie designs, soft fabric and lace. Additionally, think of striking, floral prints and subdued, dusky pastel colours, but also bold red yellow. Take the vintage diva for inspiration.

A city wedding instead is the perfect occasion to really dress to impress in a super chic style which mixes classic tailored designs with statement accessories. As long as your outfit is elegant and well tailored, you can choose from any current trends for inspiration. A glamorous jumpsuite, for instant, will guarantee the city chic effect, just as bright colours and bold, contemporary prints. On the other hand, statement accessories such as classic hats and elegant heels will complete the formal look required at a chic city wedding.

If you are one of the lucky bunch heading for a tropical, sandy beach wedding in some awesome location, you can enjoy not only the sun and breathtaking beauty of the place, but also the more relaxed, less formal dress code of the beach wedding. In fashion terms, the key style here is bohemian, with the carefree, effortlessly chic look what we are aiming for. This translate, in terms of dresses in the ultimate relaxed look of the maxi dress: with a wide choice of prints and patterns to choose from, choose a maxi dress as glamorous as you need and remember not to spoil the carefree affect pairing it with too many accessories.

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