Guide to wedding accessories

Attending a wedding can be a stressful - and expensive - experience. Once you receive an invitation, your first consideration will probably be what you are going to wear. However, with the right wedding accessories, you needn't splash out for a whole new outfit. Here are some top tips to finish a wedding outfit with accessories...


Think wedding accessories and you'll probably think hats. And not just for the mother of the bride - hats are a stylish accessory for all female guests. For more formal church weddings, a hat should match your outfit completely. Many wedding outfits come in a set including a hat. However for less formal weddings, a hat can be a fun way to jazz up a plain dress.


Fascinators are a wonderful way to add something a little special to an outfit. If you wear a bold fascinator, you can get away with wearing a very simple dress. If you're not sure about all those ribbons and feathers, a simple flower can be a beautiful and elegant touch to complete an outfit.

Colourful accessories

Coloured wedding accessories allow you to bend the rules a little. So you're not supposed to wear black or white to a wedding? Add some bright red or turquoise accessories for a daring but classic look that will raise eyebrows in all the right ways!


Remember that in a wedding, you'll be on your feet for a lot of the day. If you're wearing very high shoes, you might want to consider bringing along some comfortable pumps for all that dancing at the reception!


Jewellery can be one of the trickiest wedding accessories to get right. Because most weddings take place during the day, it can be easy to look over the top with jewellery. Depending on your outfit, it's often best to opt for classic and understated jewellery - you can always add a little more in the evening.

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