We want 'dem!

In the last few years, Erdem has quickly established himself as the darling of the British fashion scene. You know you've made it when political wives start wearing your clobber, and so it's proved for Erdem, with Sarah Brown and Sam Cam fighting over his floral prints. Now the designer has launched a diffusion range for Net a Porter, with dresses hovering around the £500 mark, a slight improvement than the usual grand price-tag.

Erdem told Vogue,'This collection for Net-A-Porter is exclusive, it's playful and relaxed. It has the energy of the spring/summer 2011 show, but more focused on day dresses. It features enlarged painted florals on summery cottons - it's all about fresh, young pieces! Now where is the sun?'

Net a Porter's head buyer said, 'Erdem's popularity with our customers shows no sign of waning and this high summer collection of pretty printed pieces will appeal to Erdem fans, both loyal and new.' The collection consists of seven styles, with fabrics in silks and cottons, and plays on themes shown in Erdem's summer collection.

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