WaySideViolet does knitted teacups

Do you love knitwear? Do you love coffee? Do you love cupping your hands around a nice hot steaming mug of tea but don't like getting burnt? Then you'll LOVE what WaySideViolet is doing with the age old art of knitting: fashion for inanimate objects.

Yes that's right, knitted coffee holders are an absolute must-have for any self respecting skinny Starbucks latte. Or if a nice mug of tea's more up your street, then a knitted cosy resembling a tiny little pullover (the type granny used to knit) is nothing less than your favourite cup deserves. As if that wasn't cute enough, bows and sparkles accessorise the teacup knitwear too.

Of course there are hats and gloves / 'smittens' and big fluffy cosy socks for humans too, but we've got enough of those. It's our china tea-caddy that needs a fashion make-over. We want. Now!

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