Watson Gets Ethical

In less than 12 months she has been the face of Burberry and thrilled style-watchers with a gorgeous new cropped hair do, and now Emma Watson’s assault on the fashion industry looks set to continue as she launches her ethical clothing collection for the Fair Trade and organic clothing label People Tree in September.

The collection will debut with a catwalk show at the Prince of Wales’ eco festival, A Garden Party To Make a Difference, in the Friary Court of St James’ Palace, Vogue reveals. Emma won’t be able to attend the event itself, due to the pressures of seemingly being in the every city in the world at once, but she has recorded a video message to introduce the catwalk show, in which she says: ‘I'm so thrilled that People Tree will be showing the spring/summer collection at A Garden Party To Make A Difference. I think The Prince of Wales' initiative is such a brilliant idea and I'm thrilled’.

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