Where to purchase a waterproof and lightweight ski jacket

If you are an avid and hard skier, consider purchasing a waterproof and lightweight jacket for the slopes and mountains. Practically indispensable when it is snowing, it protects you from getting drenched and soaked to the bone while skiing. By keeping dry and without an extra burden to carry, you can ski longer and better if you have the right outerwear.

Take a look at Trekwear (trekwear.co.uk) that offers a large selection of ski outerwear. There are various brands that are light in weight and keep the water out whether due to rain, snow or your own perspiration. For skiing during spring, it is probably sufficient to take a Dare2B Lovestruck Ladies Jacket that costs £29.95. With 5000 mm water resistance, this piece is available in pink or blue. It is multipurpose that you can use during light or heavy snow days.

If top of the line brands is your thing, browse on Snow and Rock (snowandrock.com) for quality jackets. Splurge on a Norrona Men's Trollvegen Jacket for a whooping £440. Birch green in colour, it is water and wind proof with its Gore-Tex shell fabric. These features are backed by 'Aquaseal' zippers for reinforcement.

Get your wife or girlfriend a Women's Elemot Jacket by North Face for £280 that will surely keep her warm and dry during your ski expeditions. It features fully sealed seams for increased resistance to water and it comes in a stylish design that is pleasing to women.

Don't forget to check out Winwood (winwood-outdoor.co.uk) for an additional selection of ski jackets. Consider the Womens Montane Jacket costing £114 that's waterproof, lightweight, and breathable. Get yourself a Millet Men's Mera Peak Gore-Tex Jacket for £160 that has the same features with double fleece insulation.

Why not invest in a waterproof and lightweight jacket this season? Whether you're layering or not, wearing ski outerwear that does not retain moisture, repels water and feels light makes all the difference to your performance on or off the slopes.

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