A guide to choosing the perfect waterproof hiking boots

Hiking can be fun-but if you in the wrong gear, you could terribly spoil your day and the much anticipated fun. Due to the rough terrain and varying weather conditions, you must be well prepared with a pair of waterproof hiking boots. Here are tips of choosing a performing pair of waterproof hiking boots:

Good grip waterproof hiking boots

If you are having your hike during the winter, the ground may be very slippery due to the ice. To protect yourself from falling and skidding, you need a waterproof pair of hiking boots that has perfect grip. Usually, rubber soles are the best to handle rough terrain while corrugated soles are best for icy environs.

Perfectly fitting boots

Your waterproof hiking boots must be fitting perfectly. Lose fitting boots make you prone to falling when on the other hand, tightly fitting boots make you uncomfortable, unable to walk or form blisters on your feet.

Genuine material

The waterproof material used to make the hiking boot must have a high rating of waterproof and breathability. If the material used to manufacture your boot is not breathable, you may end up having athletes’ feet due to accumulation of perspiration. Boots made from materials such as Gore-Tex® are the best to look-out for

Lightweight waterproof hiking boots

If you have a long day, it is wise to choose the lightweight boots.  Very heavy boots may make you weary long before you have had any fun. The waterproof boot must also have ability to handle the body’s shock and as such, make you feel comfortable and bouncy.

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