Buy watches under 100 pounds

Even though watches may not be as functional as they used to be, they are still ageless accessories. Whether you want to dress up an outfit or simply want one that gives the time at a glance, we tell you where you can buy watches under 100 pounds. There is no need to spend loads of money for a watch when you can get stylish ones at decent prices.

Your choices

There are several brands of watches under 100 pounds in the market which might entice you. Here is a list of trendy and functional timepieces.

  • Swatch

This is a trusted Swiss brand that has been around since 1983. Swatch has a pretty cool collection of watches that are trendy. Take The High-Lands Mix in a variety of colours and styles. Prices start at £44.50. You’ll also love the Fall Classic 2014. Nummer 100 and 410 are stylish that will set you back £82.50 and £92, respectively.

  • Casio

Casio has also been long enough in the watch industry producing reliable sports watches that you can use for even the toughest of activities. If you’re lucky, you can snag a Casio G-Shock GD-X6900 for less than a hundred pounds.

  • Ice Watch

Another Swiss brand, Ice has been doing well since it was introduced to the market. Their watches are fashionable and vibrant available in different colours and styles. Treat yourself to an Ice-White that costs £79.95.

  • Citizen

The Japanese have come a long way since they established Citizen as a watch brand in 1918. Crafting some of the best and good-looking watches in the market, several of their timepieces are on the high end of the scale. Nonetheless, you can still get a decent watch for £99 such as the Citizen Men’s Military Eco-Drive Chronograph Strap Watch.


Another Japanese brand that produces fine watches is Seiko, established in 1937. Although there are pricey items in their collections, you can still buy watches under 100 pounds. Take the Seiko Ladies Solar Watch selling for £98. You can also get that special someone the Seiko Gents Mechanical Watch for £62. You might also want to consider lovely Sekonda watches for £60.

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