Watch repairs: tools to make your job easier.

If you’re city based, it’s easy to pop down to the local jewellers to get the battery in your watch replaced, or get your watch strap changed. But if you live out of town, want to save some hard-earned cash or simply fancy yourself as a Mr or Mrs ‘Fix it’, there are watch repairs tools on the market and instructions on the web to help you.Why not start by changing a battery? Go to watchrepairtoolguide.com for a step by step guide with clear diagrams, on how to do this and a list of tools you need. This site also has instructions on how to change a watch strap, and the tools you need to do so.

You can find watch tool kits and watch repair tool sets on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8node=378531011) for between £15 and £60. Many kits are made in China or India and it may be worth investing in a higher end set. The kits sold on Amazon are both new and second hand and are rated by reviewers, so if you’re a beginner this is helpful.

If you want to shop with the professional watchmakers, log on to www.watchtool.de or www.watchtoolworld.com  for watch repairs tools from Germany or Switzerland. A comprehensive site is www.esslinger.com as it provides all the watch tools and supplies that watchmakers need, whether professionals or beginners.

Most jobs will require you to open the watch back or remove the watch band which requires a case back opener to open the watch back without damaging the watch, or a watch band tool to adjust or replace watch bands. If you’re tackling watch repairs, the tools you need will be in a watch repair kit  which  includes a variety of tools for common repairs. On the Esslinger site you’ll find everything from watch screwdrivers and watch gauges to demagnetisers. Have fun!

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