Types of Warren James Wedding Ring Sets

Wedding ring sets are fairly recent but they are rather advantageous. Buying the sets means that the wedding band is able to match the engagement ring perfectly and can cut down on the time spent searching for the right style. There are now trio sets, which will also include the man’s ring too so that husband and wife can have matching rings for the rest of their time together and to show their unity.

Warren James are well known for their charms and bracelets but they have also stepped into the world of producing Warren James wedding ring sets. The sets are extremely beautiful and very elegant, which is also noticeable in the price. There are many notable Warren James wedding ring sets and here are just two of them.

The first is the 18ct White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Bridal Set. This two piece set is an engagement ring and wedding band for the bride to be. The diamonds cover half of the wedding band and the engagement ring has a large, blue sapphire in the middle, which looks very similar to the engagement ring on the finger of the Duchess of Cambridge. This set is on sale for £1499.

One of the biggest problems when searching for rings is that women want their engagement rings and wedding bands to fit perfectly on their finger; they don’t want to see gaps. Engagement rings tend to be of different designs and some have strange knots. Buying a set can mean that the wedding ring is designed specifically for the engagement ring. Warren James has a 9ct White Gold set, which has a slight dip in the wedding band so that it fits perfectly with the diamond engagement ring. This set is on sale for £799.

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