Are you looking for Warren James jewellery shops?

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Are you looking for Warren James jewellery shops? Here's all you need to know about Warren James jewellery shops.

Warren James is a British jeweller and watchmaker. Warren James jewellers is one of the largest independent jewellers in the United Kingdom. His shops sell great jewellery designs sold at up to 50% less than the recommended retail price.

The official website is warrenjames.co.uk. This website allows you to make purchases online if you do not have a store near you. Purchases will be delivered to your chosen destination. You are also able to design and create your own bracelet on the official website, which a Warren James jeweller will make exactly to your specifications.

Warren James is a specialist jeweller and so the website and various stores only stock their designs and jewellery. If you are looking for a Warren James store near you, or anywhere in the United Kingdom, just check out their store locator on warrenjames.co.uk/branchlocator.

A slight word of warning if you are thinking of purchasing a piece of Warren James jewellery. After trawling various forums it appears there are a high volume of customer grievances that exist. Many customers have encountered problems with pieces they have purchased from Warren James and do not seem to be able to resolve the issue as they cannot seem to contact head office or an area manager. Check out this forum and make up your mind, forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=286481.

So, there’s everything you need to know about the Warren James jewellery shops!

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