Warm yourself up in skinny jeans this season

Wearing skinny jeans is the latest fashion craze. They are great with everything from long shirts, dress tops and fleeces to sweaters, coats, and jackets. You can match them with snow boots, flip flops, sneakers, and high cut footwear.

The main reason why these pants are so popular is that they flatter the contours of the body from the legs and thighs to the ankles and buttocks. Even if you don't have the figure for skinny jeans, your silhouette changes to a scrawny one giving the impression of a thin and lean body.

Comfortable to wear because of the mixture of stretch fabrics, these jeans come in plenty of styles and sizes. Choose your pick from pants that have concealed zipper or button closures to jeans with belt loops and pockets.

Where to buy?

Take a look at Shopstyle.co.uk where you can find the best deals on the hottest pair of skinny jeans. Featuring 301 styles from over 70 stores, hot brands include Stella McCartney, Levis, Isabel Marant, 7 For All Mankind, J Brand, Notify Jeans, and Burberry.

For as low as £18, get yourself a pair of Matalan jeans or treat yourself to a £204 Wine Red Burgundy Skinny Cord Jeans from Current/Elliott. Made from corduroy fabric, this pair has 5 pockets and a hidden zip.

Another delightful place is Fourleafclothing.co.uk where you can find an exciting array of skinny jeans from plain or tartan pants to ripped and print trousers. Don on a pair of unisex Tartan Purple Skinny Jeans for £29.99 by Criminal Damage for a flamboyant and glitzy look.

With a snug fit that conceals pot bellies and enhances body contours, these jeans are ideal mainstays for any season. Zest your overall look with a pair of leg warmers on your skinny jeans and you are all set to embrace the cool autumn days and the coming wintry months.

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