Wal-Mart and Topshop to collaborate?

We know that Philip Green is a money man, with a keen eye for a bargain. When he teamed up with Kate Moss, it clearly wasn't for her vintage style and decadent aesthetic, rather that when he looked at her, he saw giant pounds signs. Lots of them. Well now we hear the alarming news that Green might be engineering a deal with US supermarket behemoth Wal-Mart.

According to Fashionista, when Sir Phil visited Topshop's NY HQ he brought along a Walton. No, not from the American hit series, that would be ridiculous. Rather, the Walton owners of Wal-Mart.

Fashionista speculates that this could mean one of three things: the Waltons want to up their investment in Arcadia (Green's brand that owns most of the UK high street, including Topshop); Green wants the Waltons' advice or, most worryingly, that the two brands may hop into bed together.

Phil, if you're after advice, we'll give you some for free - don't do it. It's fashion suicide...

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