Walk walk fashion baby

Get ready for the most unlikely coming-together since Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg shook hands in a London rose garden earlier this year. It was announced earlier today that the king of luxury fashion and classic Hollywood glamour Giorgio Armani is teaming up with the one and only priestess of avant-garde-shock-pop Lady Gaga.

According to Grazia online, Gaga has been taken into the Armani family following the success of last year's American Music Awards, where she wore what appeared to be three giant plastic explosions on her head, designed by Armani.

Armani’s niece, Roberta Armani, said: 'a huge company like Giorgio Armani has the duty to always be alert to trends and what appeals to young people. It helped to see how the world is through Lady Gaga, the way she uses Facebook and Twitter.'

The multi-million dollar deal will see Armani creating costumes for Gaga’s Italian tour in December, as well as lots of other exciting creations which may or may not feature Gaga’s favourite new material – raw steak. With all these corporate deals coming in, you’d think she could afford a few metres of nice silk or something. Maybe a couple of pairs of jeans. Poor thing.

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