Vogue editor blames Facebook for anorexia

Vogue Italia's editor Franca Sozzani has written a lengthy blog post blaming Facebook for anorexia amongst young girls, reports Grazia.

Sozzani has based her research on a study from the University of Haifa, Israel. In her blog she writes: 'The more time you spend logged in Facebook the more chance you have to become anorexic. Reading the article it looked like the social network was guilty of showing virtual role models that girls tend to imitate. Wrong, and sometimes even fake models, the result of photoshop alterations. The younger tend to feel inadequate as regards such models and put their health at stake trying to imitate them. They accept messages passively and adjust to them. Sometimes destroying their lives.’

The fashion industry, according to Sozzani, is not to blame because most models 'are in most cases naturally long, lean and slender being still very young and still not fully developed'. So that's all fine then.

Franca is not a woman to mince her words - she once decreed bloggers to be a type of 'disease'. Which is odd, given that she expressed this opinion on her...ummm...blog.

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