Vivienne Westwood's 2013 Chaos Collection

British designer Vivienne Westwood's new 2013 Chaos Collection is rebellious, irreverent, eclectic and above all iconic..

Her 2013 Chaos collection is not only a fashion statement, but a declaration of intent to be noticed by one and all, and each model is a detailed vision of a subculture that wants to shock and influence mainstream fashion, who often nods and bows to Westwood’s designs.

This 2013 Spring and summer collection is energetic and full of cultural references and several pieces are from her past collections.

Models in this particular collection bring back popular items like the Climate Revolution T-shirts in inorganic cotton that promote climate change which is one of the causes that is very dear to the designer or the Do it Yourself slogan on the simple angular shaped t-shirt that also carries the message to stop climate change and get involved in DIY in helping the climate.

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Westwood has also brought back the 1975 provocative Tits print for this Chaos collection, from the days when Westwood and Malcolm Maclaren's were running the Kings Road shop that used to be known as Sex.

The Union Jack print is synonymous with Westwood and the theme plays a big part of the Chaos collection, and not only on hoodies or sweaters, but also on tights, watches and handbags, and the designer has also revived the Gold Label Autumn and Winter 2011-12 fabric for her Crawford bags, but also the classic Exhibition tartan for her Derby bags.

Accessories include watches, perfumes, and from her 1976 Seditionaries Collection, a special production boot in tan leather with emerald green canvas , which is also available in either black leather with red, black or grey canvas.

The classic penis cufflinks also see a vintage revival and they were first seen in the Penis Jewellery worn during Westwood's Anglomania show of 1993, and now are available in imitation rhodium with either a gold or silver finish.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Vivienne Westwood's 2013 Chaos Collection- Photo Gallery

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